Saturday, December 31, 2011

God who loves my family~

New Year's Eve Day~ what a miracle today was. I called Gavin's mommy to see if Scottie & I could pick him up for lunch and bring him "home" for the afternoon. We had such a good time. What a sweet little spirit he has~ friendly, easy going, loving..just like his daddy was as a wee one. To think we met him just one week ago, and this is our third visit of his 16 months. God knows. Merci

Our little Hayden needs some prayers..some help from you God..please heal him. He has had a tough time and is sick again, since having his shots last Tuesday. He is up at the "ranch" with his mommy and daddy and 13 other people, including 2 of his little friends. High temps are keeping him down :( Bless our little guy~

And, dinner of lobster tail, asparagus, and popovers with my sweetie~ Chatted about the year. It's been a good one! Many more highlights than low spots. That is a blessing indeed. I am so blessed to have the heart I have, the love I am able to feel for others, and the love I receive from those around me. I am a lucky girl indeed. Merci God for carrying me, directing me, and for always loving me. Merci for your blessings~ xo

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