Tuesday, December 6, 2011

God who cares for all of us~

I just really had a rough day today. Dad had two doctor appointments and he was all out mean. Each doctor noticed it, contrary, opposed every thought of everyone, and was critical and accusatory. I left him at noon and haven't recovered at all~ I had so much to do today..with Christmas cheer and I felt very sad. Dad even said Dr. S was upset his creatinine wasn't higher so he wouldn't be here, when in fact it's lower and feels he's getting better. His kidney's won't get better :( the lower test result means that he isn't eating enough protein and has muscle wasting~ So in the course of 3 hours I was pretty much beat to a pulp..not literally of course, just in thought, word, and deed. As I was making follow-up appointments, he stormed back into the office and said, "what are you doing?, can we go now, what is taking so long...." It was embarrassing~ I don't know what it's like to walk in dad's shoes, I'm not 83 and living alone, I'm not mad at the world, the government, president's, insurance companies, doctors, and on it goes. It was a bad day for Dad and when he called to say good-night as he has done for nearly 2 solid years, he had no idea that there was any problems today at all. I feel sad for him quite often, yet love him as I always have. He told me to work my program~ ok dad. I love you, Pooh

Merci God for letting me go on today~ Rest now!

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