Thursday, December 29, 2011

God who cares for all of us~

What a complete day I had at work today, and I hope to live up to the above. From a young, heroin addict who lives in Edina with his family, to man who was once a nurse, who lost it all because of alcohol, and not by a long shot the last, but, a married man who was told by his wife and employer, this is it~ no more. I only hope that I can be the change and evoke thought through the empathy and compassion I feel for those I work with. It was good to be back at work.

Scottie and I sat down to a nice dinner, at the kitchen table, surprised him too:) was so nice. I'd forgotten. I think next time I will light candles!

And most importantly, Happy 61st Anniversary to Mom & Dad. Dad spoke of eloping to Northwood, Iowa, being married by a justice of the peace whose wife stood up for them. They came right home to attend a party, unbeknowst to anyone what they had just done. Dad said he had been drafted to serve in the Korean War (was medically deferred due to his knee's), Jaff (Mom's Dad) was quite sick with lung cancer, and they wanted to be a secret was kept until early 1951, when they told their families, celebrated, and Mom moved to Hanover, NH to spend the reat of Dad's senior year at Dartmouth~ sounds dreamy to me. Dad wondered how Mom thought he was doing "down here" with all the great-grandchildren. One of those bittersweet moments, as Dad is amazing, and Mom would be too! He feels she should be the one to be here~ and I said God knows what he's doing~ he surely does~

Merci God for caring for all of us~

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