Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MedPage Today Article-Chilean Miners

I responded to the question of "Will the Chilean Miners Have Long Term Effects from their experience." I saw Yes, as did about 75% of voters. I then wrote the below article and it was accepted to be published. I was thoughtful in my writing and amongst others far more credentialed and knowledgable but all thoughtful and caring~
CLJ, Alcohol & Drug Counselor
- Oct 19, 2010
Our 33 miners will face struggles that are not insurmountable. The psychological help they get ongoing, will only be as good as their therapist and her relationship to him. These men have had an extraordinary experience, under extraordinary conditions. They may feel isolated due to their experience. It was a group of 33 so that can be powerful. The physical ramifications may not exceed what the miners were exposed to on a daily basis while working, only time will tell. Let's not forget the rescuers and the intense pressure they must have felt to be successful in their attempt to save 33 lives. They encompass many milieu and may have significant after effects as well. What an exceptional outcome, one the world shared with fear, trepidation, and finally JOY~ Thank you to all who participated for the benefit of the whole~ Cynthia