Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Dinner with Dad

Hi Dad,

Although we just got off the phone I wanted to thank you from Scottie and I, for such a wonderful Sunday dinner at your home. It was relaxing and the food was good. Your attire, gray slacks & navy sport coat, white button down shirt, with Harvey's "Swim with the Sharks" tie, topped off by your American flag & hummingbird pins, you looked so polished and sweet. Even your new haircut looked great, it will last many months :) Many signs of Mom were in your apartment with the two small bowls of candy corn (from Cat) and Halloween M & M's, and your many birthday cards in the Dartmouth sliver platter.

I am so proud of you heart just crumbles each time we matter where we are, but I get a sense that Mom is with you wherever you go, and that you know it.
Sweet Dreams Daddy, I love you, Pooh