Saturday, December 17, 2011

God who loves my children~

It finally happened. We saw our son, Ryan, whom we had not seen since August of 2009. We couldn't find him~ This was of his choosing and we do know why, sort of~ not really, but I'm sure it goes a long back to 1991, and I now think I understand how my son day hoping he finds words to share it. And again, I will wait for his time. I (we) had waited ... a crushing period of time to see my child's face~ We also met Ryan's son, Gavin Thomas Johnson. He was born in August 2010 and we had not known he was coming into the world. What a blessing to have them home. Gavin's mom, Elyse contacted me, and this all happened within 24 hours~ I have a million emotions and a million and one questions, but for now, I know that everyone is healthy, and we were all together, and that is enough. Merci God for watching over those I love. Merci for walking with me~

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