Monday, January 2, 2012

God who loves each of us~

Whew~ My sweetie actually stayed up way past midnight...sort of way past :) We rang in the New Year by sitting in the porch watching beautiful snow falling, our second snowfall of this winter season, it looked like huge puffs of cotton, and watching New York celebrate, then us. It was warm and cozy. We figured out that this was our 40th!!!!!!! New Year celebration together. That amazes even me as I don't feel nearly as old as it makes me :)

Dad came for brunch today at 10:30 sharp. He is amazing, as well, we had snow and wind warnings, yet he traveled across town, and thank goodness arrived safely. Eggs, sausage, juice, and Monkey Bread~of which Dad loved the Monkey Bread and gobbled up a huge piece and took two even larger pieces home with him.

I am a lucky girl..feel loved and relaxed. I have been trying to reach the Duncan's since last night and still cannot connect. I know that cell service is intermittent, that the internet had gone out, but I called the "ranch" land line throughout the day and got nothing. I have sent emails, texts, and left voice messages on Katie and Ryan's cell phones. With Hayden being sick, and no call on New Year's Day..I am near panic. I seldom react this way to anything..please God, take care of them. I need to hear from them tomorrow and know they will head home. I pray all is well..please!

Merci God for loving us and for being so present in my life. Merci for the New Year, for love, and for my life~

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