Monday, January 16, 2012

God who carries me~

I was looking for something that said "worked to the bone"..and ran across this, which I like much better. There are certainly many things that I must look beyond and I'm still practicing that. A long, intense day today at work. Really, they all seem to be like that..but walking out the door gives me a great sense of satisfaction that perhaps I did some good in someone's life. I got a smile from someone whom I'm sure hasn't smiled a real smile, perhaps ever. He deserves it! Kim and I love seeing the changes~ It is wonderful. To say I work hard and feel exhausted doing the work I do is one thing, as those I work with work equally and even harder than I. I can see the wear and tear we each wear on certain days. It just goes with what we do, making it critically important that we care for ourselves, and each other. Off I went after an 11 hours my Monday meeting..a bit late, but I showed up. What a lucky girl I am, and home to my very warm, comfy home and the love of my life. Merci God for giving me the energy to complete what I started today, and to meet the needs of those who asked for help.

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