Tuesday, January 10, 2012

God, what is going on?

Honestly, I do feel just like this little guy up! A crab, a bit crabby, and the shell is looking good too! I feel completely content with me, and completely discontent with many others, and not just others, things, like nuisance things; computer games (duh), no one at Home Depot to sell an appliance, no one!!, commitments that are not completed, talking about others, etc. And I think that's it. Not ever since the past 3 months have I ever expressed such dislike for a few others, and talked on and on, not accomplishing much~ So, it's me~ I will tuck myself in my shell for a while, peek out as I can, positively, and renew this worn out mind and body~ Merci God for walking right beside me, and for my very sweet husband, and family~ me

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