Friday, November 18, 2011

God who loves me~

Gosh, another day of pink color! Not only has this been my one and only favorite color since I was a child, it continues to cheer me~ I find it totally relaxing and comforting. A good day at work~ until...oops I won't go in to the mom social worker and the "marketing director" that were all over my assessment..only to have the desire to have a young man with 3 young girls and a wife, be "home" for Christmas~ crazy thing about addiction...Christmas must wait~ at all costs.

Our little girl and her little boy arrive tomorrow night for Thanksgiving week.. what a thrill. Everyone is so excited and we will have much celebration! I'm lucky as celebration comes easily for me, must be all that gratitude I have.. Merci God for all I am and all I have~ I am truly lucky...and tired, off to read and rest my weary bones. Merci..I get butterflies when I think about tomorrow, xo

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