Saturday, November 19, 2011

God who loves my family~

We picked up Katie and her little Hayden at the airport tonight. What a wonderful feeling to have them home for the "holidays", back in our home again. It took about 2 minutes to connect with Hayden..driving home, I made up a little song and sang, "MinneSNOWta, MinneSNOWta here we are, here we are... Welcome little Hayden, Welcome little Hayden to our home." He giggled and giggled for miles..such a sweet little connection~ Sure lets me know how much I miss my Kate, and our baby grand. But for now they are home with Poppie and Grammie and we are lucky, indeed. Ryan will join his little family on time for turkey day :)

Scottie was raking this morning and shoveling this afternoon~ quite a change in weather. I must got buy a little sled and take Hayden for a walk~ Merci God for the blessings in my life~ I am so grateful for each of them. I am willing to be patient for those things I want, knowing you know when~

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