Wednesday, November 9, 2011

God who knows what I need~

Merci God for the women in my life~ We had our first official "new" AA meeting at my house today. It is beyond me that an AA meeting that I had attended for 15 years became intolerable. It did and there's no reason to look back and recount the why's. It just was, for many of us. With a feeling of great loss I knew I could not return to that meeting. I needed something healthy~ It began today with four of us, it was loving and refreshing. We have much work to do; pick a name, format our desires, and most importantly, follow the AA way as Bill and Bob would want us to do, with respect for "the program" and for each other, providing trust and safety to all who join us in the months to come. For now we need to heal and it began today.. I skipped for the first time in a long stretch of Wednesdays. Merci God for knowing just what and who I need.

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