Tuesday, November 15, 2011

God who helps me~

Gosh oh Gumbo~ I can barely keep my head upright and it's closing in on midnight. I shopped all day..it takes me a long time to shop for others..it must be very special indeed~ And then, I have the task of finding a christening gown for my little grand~ Hayden. Well, this project should have begun a long time ago, better yet, I should have treated myself to a sewing machine and I would have it done :) And as well, I must have some books and toys for him to play with, that would be nice for a tiny, active one year old... oh my~ maybe we'll have to go out for Thanksgiving (kidding) or order in (kidding again, I think). What a wonderful day, warm, sunny, and a gift...literally! It will come together~it always does, besides I have the help of my wee one, Kates~ if we aren't skyping the day away, or talking, or texting~ geez. It would be nice to live in the same city~ maybe one day. Merci God for walking, running and coming along with me today. It was a nice surprise to accomplish more than I planned! me

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