Saturday, November 26, 2011

God who loves Baby Hayden

Our little grandson Hayden was dedicated today by Father Henry Doyle~at St.Mary's Hall Chapel in Faribault. It was a special service with a reading from Luke called "Song of Mary". How special of him to include Mom in the service. Katie, Ryan, & Hayden, along with Grammie (that's me :) and Poppie (Scottie :) and Great Papa were present. Hayden looked angelic in his while suit that I was lucky enough to get him as a gift. We had a nice brunch afterward at Jensen's. Our little guy had been at Urgent Care last night and was found to have croup. He seemed well, but took a turn this afternoon..and as I write he is at Children's Hospital after being sent there by Urgent Care. The kids must be very tired, as they were up most of the night. Kates is pregnant, remember? and due in March~ she needs lots of rest. We have had a wonderful week, very busy, and will cherish every moment.

Merci God for caring for each of us. Bless Father Doyle as he continues to wrap his arms around our family..he is very special to me~ I am grateful for those I love and are here, and for those I've had, and are not here~

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