Saturday, November 5, 2011

God who carries me~

I wonder if I have melancholy. I copied a friend that just used this word, so I took it for now, for wondering. I've been home all day, peaceful, and wondering if I couldn't just stay here forever, from now on. I am overwhelmed with the craziness at work, concerned really that what I hear and what I see hasn't just worn me out, because I am. I feel I need lots of space and lots of time with me~ and my sweetie. I feel I need to leave work, do something else but I feel mad about it. When a system is so toxic I think it should be one has to be kept, decisions can be made..and why not? Not my decision, but it is my impact~ The people I serve, deserve me and the others that do so much. That's it for today, just some thoughts and maybe the beginning of change.

Skyped with the Duncan's...pure and simple joy! Merci God for loving us as you do~

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