Tuesday, October 11, 2011

God who makes special days~

Happy 83rd Birthday Daddy~ A nice trip to the apple orchard with your daughter's, and on to lunch at McGarry's Irish Pub. A few new duds for fall~ you will look so nice. All in all a fun time and beautiful weather just for you! And you still have a dinner tonight with your friends. You spoke of Mom and Boo~ and you do that a lot lately..there is no doubt that they would have loved to share our big booth with us..as you said they were right there with us. I know you are right. You said something ponderable~ when Marc told you your haircut looked nice, you said thanks, it's my last one~ I hope not, but maybe you feel something, maybe not~ I love you Dad and here's to a very happy year to you~ Merci God for a beautiful day~

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