Thursday, October 20, 2011

God who knows what I need~

I had a little ceremony down by the lake after work today. I parked by our battered women's shelter, "Home Free" and walked to the lakeshore. As I did I prayed for Paul, who was found in his apartment, he had died alone of alcoholism, about one week before anyone knew. I prayed for the woman I wrote about yesterday. I prayed that both were at peace, free from the possibility of ever being hurt by anyone again~ ever, and most of all, free from their disease of alcoholism. I thanked them for who they were and for how kind they were to me, sharing their lives as they did. I tossed an angel coin into the lake for her and a "One Day at a Time" coin for him. Merci God for allowing me to meet them both, for the kindred spirit we shared~ God Bless each of you. I feel very sad and yet better for my gesture. It wasn't enough but it was~

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