Saturday, October 29, 2011

God who cares for others

It's Saturday and I worked today~ Weekends should be pretty quiet and it was anything but for me~ Problems are becoming larger, impacting many area's of our client's lives and there are not enough resources. Winter is coming and there is not enough housing. Mental health problems combined with chemical problems need immediate attention and there are not enough providers. Being creative is essential. I had 10 client's in my office today and all but one cried~ cried out in pain and loss and anger. That's not unusual, they call my office "the crying room". I get it. I relate in a way that is true. I've lived it and know the pain addiction causes. How it impacts every single area of one's life until it is not intervene upon. My goal is to impart hope, to motivate change. Some days feel worse than others. Today I drove home tired but satisfied that I had done the best I could. Please let it be enough..enough for a start~ Merci God for caring for others~

Peaceful home, filled with love~ I could not ask for more~ Merci

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