Monday, October 3, 2011

God as I understand him~

What a miracle today was~enjoying the calm of my home, puttering around doing all those things that have been left undone, catching up. Even sat in the grass and read, soaking in as much sunshine as I can. Our hummer is still here and I told her to take one last drink and fly away to her winter home~ I'll let you know tomorrow if she listened to me :) Nice dinner with my sweetie, still recovering from his "trauma". I'm so grateful I was home when he needed help~ phew! And to top of my day..I was at my meeting and in walked one of my dearest friends..a woman who took me to my very first AA meeting..and yet, she didn't attend AA, until now~ Life changes and we change with it. I loved seeing her and told her how I've missed her, and she said the same. It hardly seemed like a day had passed between us~ Friends are good that way. Merci God for all my blessings~

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