Friday, September 16, 2011


It feels so good to be home this Friday evening. Work is hard sometimes~ placed a homeless woman at "Home Free" battered woman's shelter upon her return to Minnesota from her mothers funeral in another state, to be followed by treatment, 1/2 way, and housing. Sent a suicidal client to the hospital despite doubts from a staff member about the cycle he is in~ can't care about that..he didn't feel safe and he felt like hurting others and/or himself, plans and all, that might just break the cycle, with proper help. Worked with another young man strung out on IV heroin and cocaine~ so young, so much to learn. Bless them all, each and every one of them, please. The weather has turned, and I had a nice bowl of chili for dinner with my sweetie. Off for "Sisters Weekend" in the morning, early~ This has been one busy month~

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