Sunday, September 4, 2011

God who knows what I need~

What a difference a day makes~ Spent a lovely morning with Dad, ran around a bit and had brunch at Lakeshore Grill, just my Daddy & I. Home and off to the track..I broke a summer pattern and lost every race I bet on while Scottie broke a pattern too, and won!! It's very cool, with bright sunshiny skies today~ and at this writing the sun has gone to bed. I am not ready for this, nor for the sound of football murmuring in the background~ I purused the bead classes at a shop I like and plan to sign up soon! That with talk of selling our home should help fill the hours that I'm idle when the snow flies~ God, thank you, for letting me know that if I am still, answers come~ xo

ps I like this photo~ it's the two of us, always together and yet apart~

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