Saturday, September 10, 2011

God who cares for Hayden, and his Mommy & Daddy

This trip has caused a diversion of my gratitude to prayers for Hayden. I am heading home tomorrow and will miss my little guy so much. As I gave him his last bottle tonight~ he was playing with my bangs with his left hand, then reached up with his right hand and took as much hair as he could gather, and pulled my head to his. Love just shivered throughout my body~the love this little one gives is unmeasurable. We played outside, collected rocks, petals, and plants, and made an art project for his mommy & daddy who were out for dinner. Hayden's surgery did go well, but I underestimated the recovery process~ For him it's been rough...each day a little different, some better, some not, but the nights are tough~ Merci God for the love that surrounds this little guy~ near and far, and for his incredible parents who give him everything he needs. I love you little Hayden, I will miss you, AND, Poppie & I will be back for your 1st Birthday Party!! Your mommy and I made nautical suckers tonight as treats for all your guests. Stay well little buddy. Don't forget to say your prayers. I love you, Grammie

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