Saturday, September 24, 2011

God who makes special days~

Hayden's 1st birthday party was such fun. He enjoyed his friends, big and small, the cards and gifts. The theme was Nautical, baby blues and red..stripes and polka dots. Hayden poked his finger into his "smash" cake, licking his finger after each dip, not really diving in, but tasting and thoroughly enjoying every bite. Proud Mommy & Daddy standing by~ we enjoyed a lovely "Qudoba" lunch, Hayden's favorite!, cupcakes, candy suckers made by Katie & I. Lots of bright Colorado sunshine, happy faces all around..a grand celebration for our grand little grandson. What a gift to have been with Hayden, and his Mommy & Daddy. I know Scottie felt as lucky as I did. Merci~

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