Thursday, September 22, 2011

God who loves me~

I've been lately thinking of veering away from photo's that have "Merci" in for my daily gratitude to God, and instead choosing photo's that relate to my day, my frame of reference, and my gratitude as always, to God. For it is he the has me here, after all. As I was checking in for my flight to Denver tonight, I saw that I have a window seat..and was grumbling to myself~ I always have an isle seat! Quickly my thinking changed to how lucky I am to be heading to Denver to see Katie, Ryan, & our little Hayden, to be celebrating Hayden's 1st birthday at his party on Saturday. And, to be with Katie on her 31st birthday, celebrating my little girl's life. That middle seat matters not.. not anymore. Merci God for the blessings of my life. They are immense and immeasurable. I am indeed grateful~ more than I can express.

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