Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Million Days of Gratitude~

For so long I had done a daily gratitude note~ so where did it interrupted I guess.  Not that I don't feel and express gratitude with nearly every breath I take, because I do, but I am coming to understand something greater, a loss of the me I knew, the me with a Mom, and the me with a Dad.  My parents~ my Mom and Dad.  I keep saying that I feel the layer above me is gone~ the love, support and the daily care, and so much more, the knowing.  That layer or blanket is gone...forever from my sight and my touch, but forever locked within my heart~  As I move through this time of my life I know I will find how I fit in to all of this...won't I?  I feel uncertain some days....

I am deeply grateful for the gift of love.  The love I always felt and never questioned from my parents.  The love they freely gave to each other, and to me.

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