Monday, August 5, 2013

A Million Days of Gratitude and thoughts on Dad~

I am quite sure by now that God is playing with me~  For quite some time I have gotten days, and dates, and times all mixed up.  This evening, I suddenly knew that today was a very special day and that there needed to be a time for me to be alone to recall and remember.  My precious Daddy died 6 months ago today~ the tears came, the disbelief that it seems like yesterday he strolled into my house for a chat, dinner, to drop off some flowers, or to hide something in the grill :), to hear him to tell me how much he loved me, to leave me with wet kisses.  It feels like I should able to close my eyes and when I open them, hear Dad and Scottie talking in the porch while I get Dad some ice tea.  If only.... if only for one moment I could reach out and touch him, see him, smile at him, chat.  I am grateful today to have had the Dad I had.  There is no one like him, there never could be.  I love you Daddy, thank you~ Pooh

And while God is busy protecting me until I'm ready, a bit later it came to me that my Mom and Dad died within 4-1/2 years of each other, and that in my grief I feel such joy that they are together, for they were never meant to be apart, happy, healthy, and no doubt watching the hummers flit and fly around the heavens, just as I am doing here :)  I am grateful that God meets me where I'm at and protects me until he knows I'm ready~ thank you!

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