Tuesday, August 2, 2011

God who carries me~

I searched for the most beautiful "Merci" pic I could find, after all, every Merci in my blog is because of Mom and everything French, and this one is elegant, not the flowers and color I wanted, but it does have a certain grace~ as she did. Mom left us 3 years ago today and I am very sad. Dad, Wood, Cat, & I spent time together in different ways. Dad, Wood & I celebrated one of Mom's favorite places by have lunch at Kincaid's. She always felt very special going there~ We did too, in her honor. There was one empty chair, but I think she filled it well. I know she liked what she heard. Dad, Cat, & I met at Lakewood and cleaned the headstones of Mom, Boo, Nano & Aunt Judy, and Jaff, placing Marcia's sunflowers, and Dad's bouquets in vases by them. The flowers made a big differences, adding beautiful color to the lush green grass. I placed another pink ribbon angel in the tree that shelters them all. I love you Mom. I miss you so much. I don't know if you are happy, I have not heard from you. I think you would be proud of us~ trying to finds lives without you, it's a struggle at times. You would be especially proud of Dad. I honestly don't know how he does it. He makes sure we are doing well, pays wonderful attention to your "Grands", you have 4 now~ Dad knows that you would love each one of them and be head over heals in love. They know about you Mom. Each will have missed knowing you, a beautiful, kind, and loving Grandmother~Mere. I love you Mom and better go..the more I write the less I know, I begin to shut down. I miss you, love you, and sometimes ask you to just come back...and please bring Boo with you~ Sleep Well Mommy~ Your Eldest Daughter, Cynthia Talbot.. Pooh

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