Tuesday, August 23, 2011

God as I understand him~

Merci for this day. I have so many thoughtfully, thoughtful thoughts running through my head these days. When it comes to putting them down on paper however, the spirit leaves me, just up and goes. It feels more about not wanting to really see what I'm thinking about. It's okay I can handle putting it off until the words just come. Again today, I just was just here...got all ready for my 3rd Tuesday of the month meeting and went downtown, only to discover this is the 4th Tuesday of the month. Funny as it sounds I just drove on home, thinking how one of my very thoughtful thoughts was to check the calendar this morning and again as I was headed out the door, then to ask when I stopped at the drugstore, just to check myself, huh, funny isn't it! My own self knew all along..and I ignored me! Funnier yet, I asked my sweetie last night if "tomorrow was the 3rd Tuesday of the month?" He said "yup!" I shared this with my wee one and told her "not to tell Daddy". I had even forgotten that he and I talked about it. A God day all in all :)

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