Monday, August 8, 2011

God who knows me~

Today was a sweet little package wrapped up just like this. Thank you isn't enough. My summer cold is hanging on a bit, but nothing could have stopped me from spending time in my garden. It's looking healthy, well watered, and I gave it a little treat today. I fear that fall may be around the corner as some things are done blooming, while the fall shows are beginning their spurt. I cleaned up the abode a bit, another sign that fall is near. Home is where I find a sense of peace like no where else. Funny thing for me is that "home" can be wherever I may land with those I love. Yup, a tidy little package. Nothing earth shattering, the economy is very concerning, dad warding off a chest problem, and a great big fruit salad with my honey pie. Merci isn't enough God~my spirit has been cleansed. xo

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