Saturday, August 13, 2011

God who knows me~

Knowing my heart is what matters here, even though some would have me question my motive, so I check with others, not often, but when I need to know. Dad listened to me too~ Mom's SMH cross means more to me than any other thing I own except my wedding ring. Dad came to understand and I'm grateful~ I don't want to fret it out here or be unkind. There has been enough of that throughout my family to last me a lifetime. I am not perfect, I do live with the care others in mind..always. So off we go, Wood, Dad, and I to celebrate a dedication to God of Meredith Jeanne van Bergen bright and early tomorrow~ A wedding and a baptism, what a wonderful weekend! Thank you for my life~and for knowing me God as you do. Merci~ me

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