Friday, July 29, 2011

God who helps me~

Whatever was I thinking last night~ it was not a blessed day or night. To quickly jot down my thoughts and that they be so far from the truth startles me really. The day was a struggle and the evening was to warm and I had a few to many phone calls~ I stayed up very late and felt groggy today. Today~phew, another challenge for me~a scared, angry soul that happened to find me. I will be getting my first grievance ever~ I was true to myself, kind to her, and told her my wish for her was that she does well. Being threatening and mad toward me, she was, and it felt very threatening. I had strong support~ Being honest with one's self is critical to live a genuine, complete unburdened life. Merci for your love, comfort, and my ability to let go. Tonight, was a restful, supportive, warm night with my sweetie. I AM so blessed.

Why are the past two posting black, white, and gray in color! Cheer up :)

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