Sunday, July 3, 2011

~~I was sitting outside enjoying this incredibly beautiful day, the sunshine, balmy breezes, even made myself a little swimming pool from an "Idgloo" cooler :), and pondering that I would begin to gauge my days on a 0-10 scale when I post my daily "Merci's" (gratitude) to God each day. It crossed my mind that if God gave me this day, would it be fair to gauge it?, being that I am alive and that should be enough. Should every day be a 10? Upon thinking it over, I don't think God's world is perfect 10, I know there are many things that are not the way he would want them to be, some that can be changed and some that no single person has control over. So those being my thoughts, I think God would want to know how I feel about my days. So I may, or may not post a number along side each day's entry~we'll see how I feel and how I think God feels about it.~~

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