Thursday, October 8, 2015

"What the future held for her she didn't know. Of two things only she was certain. There would be children-her own or other people's-and there would be books."

Alice Dalgliesh
Alice Dalgliesh (born October 7, 1893) was science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein's editor for many of his books, but the two did not get along. She rejected his manuscript for Starship Troopers, which prompted Heinlein to officially terminate their professional relationship and find another publishing house.

This IS me.  I hoped for many!! children and was blessed with two priceless wee ones that chose me to be their momma ~ xo  And without a book at hand I grieve.  I adore books and always have one or more at the ready to absorb, learn, and reflect upon.  Books are my pleasure~ pure and simple.

However did I get to be such a lucky girl~ children and books.... pinch me!

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