Wednesday, July 15, 2015

"Walk in Dry Places"

Walk In Dry Places, Meditations by Mel B.

Have you ever read something and it was more than the fit you needed in that moment?  I needed this yesterday, today, and my guess is tomorrow as well.....

Walk In Dry Places

By Mel B.

Releasing the Past

"We will not regret the past nor fear the future," goes one of the promises in Twelve Step programs. Neither the past nor the future should control what we're thinking and doing today. After all, if our Higher Power is everything, no person or action can be outside of this supreme control. 
Today, I will rise above anything that was said or done in the past. I will also hold the idea that the future is bright with promise, and that this promise will be fulfilled. Nobody's opinion or criticism can be unsettling to me if my beliefs and self-worth are anchored in my Higher Power.
It's true that there might have been lots of wrechage in the past--even more recently when we have been living sober. It doesn't matter. In amazing ways, our Higher Power sometimes turns negative conditions into future benefits. This was actually what happened when our compulsive condition led directly to a new way of life.
I will accept life today and will look for unexpected blessings. No person or group can keep me from good as I accept God's direction in my life.
"In all your ways acknowledge [God, who] shall direct your paths." I'll remember this frequently as I go abou the day. 

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