Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Honoring your Friend~ Mark Nepo


Each of us has a particular piece of wisdom, which we might describe as truth
made possible by love. Each of us with a bit of eternity that if not brought 
forward will be lost; or at least stay silent during our time on earth. This 
piece of inner wisdom which is in everything and yet which you alone carry 
doesn’t have a name. We could call it your soul. So as you would honor a 
grandparent or a teacher, how will you befriend your soul? What kind of 
relationship will you have with the oldest part of your life, so it might speak 
to you? 

Mark Nepo

I know it's there, my wisdom that knows the truth~ Can I bring it forward, 
honoring myself, my soul and me without hurting others that have not yet 
seen their own? clj

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