Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Little Girl and Hers~

How different a minute can be~ sharing the day, chuckling, jumping into a warm car amidst very cold air! and heading off for a change of pace and a quiet little dinner.... a few typed words, change the minute to fear, sadness, unanswered questions.  Our baby girl and her baby girl...again, fighting to enjoy the tummy time, the sweet movements, knocks, without worry, carefree, alone together, and yet enjoying everyone around them~ daddy and two brothers. grammie's and pop's, aunties and uncles, all excited, waiting with anticipation.  How different a minute can be~ unanswered questions that need to wait... Bless you precious little wee one, mine, and yours.  We love you beyond words.  Prayers for health and God's grace~

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