Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Post 4 ~ My Daddy

I often think of how excited I got when I was coming to see you~ kinda like butterflies, and I always smiled on my way.  I remember feeling that way as a young girl when we took a drive to the campground "just to see what was going on".  It was always those special few moments that I got to share alone with you.  And today... I haven't see your face for 4 weeks.  It's getting harder Dad, not easier.  I think it will take awhile to really feel the depth of my loss.  I try to remember that although you are "gone from my sight," you will never be gone from my heart.  All the memories of you, are mine.  I miss you Daddy~  It feels selfish to want you here, when you are there~  happy, joyous and free.  Yours, Pooh

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