Tuesday, October 2, 2012

God who cares for those I love~

Dad, your goodnight call tonight brought more insight into beginnings and endings when you shared your thoughts about not driving anymore, asking me if I thought that was okay. I know how much thought went into that decision for you, as I know how you value your freedom, and getting out for some "fresh air", often driving around just to see what's going on. I am in awe and proud of you. What a wise man you are. And, of course you mentioned the safety of others. Always, others. And yet, I am afraid, you were so quiet. Scottie was concerned when he spoke to you too. I'm sure that is a lot to contemplate and such a big change for you too. I'm sorry Dad.. Is it time to say good~bye? You said you were okay, that you would tell me if you needed me, you promised. Sweetest of dreams Papa. I'm proud of you and I love you, Pooh

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