Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Another Day~ Mark Nepo

Isn't this the way our lives go~ In the silliest place can come the
deepest understanding~ Thank you Mark

We fall in and out of the deepest understandings out in the world 
while getting groceries and pumping gas. 
I was in the market recently, when I closed my eyes until the cup 
without thought at the base of all I know began to collect the tenderness 
of those who’ve gone before us and I heard the cries of the world. 
I looked at everyone walking by and it was clear. It’s tenderness that 
forces us to be kind till our only reason for being is to soften the pain 
hardening in others. I looked about and knew that what matters is 
carried in those who can’t close, no matter how we try to shut ourselves 
down or run away. And just when I was ready to give up and turn to stone, 
the blind doves of acceptance fluttered in my face. It was then an old friend 
came upon me in the market staring at the fish. Without a word she knew, 
it was just another day, each of us this close to everything. 

A Question to Walk With: Tell one story of a moment in public when 
the deeper world fell open to you. 

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