Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Learning to love the rain~

Thank you Mark Nepo~

The deeper the cut, the redder the blood. 
The deeper the experience, the richer 
the wisdom. It has always taken 
more time to reach the deep than 
the surface. And so it is with 
each other. It takes time to listen 
our way beyond the cuts into the 
depth of each other’s experience 
where the richness of living waits. 
This piece explores this mysterious 
physic of the soul. 


What matters bears entering more 

than once. This entering-more-than-
once is a form of listening. It’s how 
leaves in fall offer a deeper color on 
rainy days. In that grayness, we look 
again and the undertones have a 
chance. I have a friend who moved 
to Victoria; that lush isle off the coast 
of Vancouver where winters seem 
long and dreary. In her third winter, 
someone born there pulled her aside 
and said, “You have to learn to love 
the rain. You have to spend more time 
wet. Then you’ll have different names 
for lazy squall and slanting mist. Then 
the rain, as much as the sun, will
 cause something in you to grow.” 
It’s the same with things that break 
our heart. Like learning to love the 
stories of elders who repeat themselves. 
You have to learn to love the slant of 
their rain. To take the time to sense 
what they can’t leave behind. With 
things that are new, we keep moving. 
With things that break, we circle back: 
repeating and renaming till we can find 
each other in the rain. 

A Question to Walk With: Tell the story 

of someone you know and how they 
have endured being broken. What 
have you learned from their journey? 

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