Saturday, June 7, 2014

Little House on the Prairie

In one episode, Charles works in exchange for a set of blue & white dishes for Caroline.  At the end, Laura shares that those “fancy dishes” became their everyday dishes.  “Ma said special dishes are for special people, not special occasions.”
Miss Mustard Seed-5103
And my response on Little MIss Mustard Seeds Blog~

Just look at the number of responses, and from Laura Ingalls Gunn~ Today starts a new day for me. I love my everyday dinnerware but my fine china rarely gets used~ I believe it stems from it being so “fine” and working so hard to have lovely things that they are only for special times. Truth be told we don’t entertain that way like we once did so they are seldom used at all. I now have a new perspective…if I own them, I must give credence to them and use them lovingly~ tomorrow I will. Thank you LIttle Miss Mustard Seed!! Fondly, Cynthia

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