Monday, February 18, 2013

Post 2 ~ My Dad

hi daddy, i think of you all day long. i just can't help myself. i think of the last time i saw you. wearing your yellow and blue striped polo turtle neck, sitting in your wheelchair in the diningroom. i rubbed your back, touched your hand. you were so quiet, very sweet. i wish i had a sense about the quiet. i would have said more~ you were so kind and told me i looked so pretty, that you loved me. you then said it's dark and i should be on my way home. you didn't ask me to call when i got home safely like you usually did. you did say, "i love you pooh." you asked me to let you sit there and not take you back to your room. i think you liked being around others. we kissed and hugged and i told you i loved you too. i turned around just once. walking away was always so hard for me. i miss you so much dad. you loved me and i always knew it. it hurts, i ache, i don't know what to do~ thank you dad for being my dad. sweet dreams wherever you are tonight. i love you, pooh

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