Monday, February 20, 2012

God who I love~

Monday~ Susie and I saw "Diana A Celebration" and it was bittersweet. She was such a happy child, and beautiful woman. Her wedding dress was amazing, and her wardrobe beautiful. Most of all she was a every sense. What a life she had and what a precious life lost. I showed her funeral, her boys~ the little one's who lost her. How could he, they, have done this. Some things I will never understand.

Three weeks today on Primal. I feel good, am sticking to it~ and have high hopes. Something better happened soon. Maybe tomorrow I will take a walk :) Tanya is my coach.

Merci God for today~ My baby girl is 35 weeks pregnant...and I am waiting to head west. Merci for the blessings you, God, bestow upon all of us.

ps I got 4 new books today...what a treat :)

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