Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grand Baby!

Welcome to the World Little Hayden Scott~

I spent two very special weeks with your Mommy & Daddy waiting for you to come to meet us. I was asked to be the "co-coach" at your birth AND what an honor for me! We all found it hard for me to remain at home in Minnesota until the call came that you were, I came two weeks early, just to be sure :) Your Mommy and I had many happy days together, waiting. That was very special too. And come you did, as Poppie was driving across the country to meet you. It was the most special of all moments. I will always remember the exact second of your birth, your Mommy, Daddy, and I welcoming you with tears and yelps of joy!! What a precious little boy you are. I knew I was about to have an incredible life changing moment and I surely did. I will tell you more as time goes on but for now this note is just about you joining us, entering the world, and the joy you have brought to me and your Poppie. We love you precious little one~

Star light, Star Bright, Grammie

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