Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Dear Sweet Lilly

I am so lucky to have spent a couple of hours today with my dear friend Lillian. What a hero, a mentor~ and, such a good person and friend to me. And, she is dying. Lymphoma is going to take Lil "quickly," and I think she is getting a bit frustrated waiting. For a couple of weeks she has told me that Jesus is holding her hand, and he's holding my hand, that angels are surrounding her, and that she is at peace, and she is ready to go to heaven. Today she seemed to be maybe a little bit mad at God that Jesus hasn't taken her yet. Her "personal deacon", Claudia, came toward the end of my visit, and we both told Lil that her time here on earth is not yet done~ because certainly when it is, her time will come.
When I asked Lil what I could bring her she told me she was not accepting any food, flowers, or gifts. Okay then :) I brought her two felt flowers, I had tied a purple ribbon around them and put them in an antique bottle of mine, (I'm just a teeny bit rebellious :). One of the leaves has "Grace" printed on it, and the other has "Peace" on it. She loved them.
I had quickly written her a letter this morning to share my feelings, and thoughts on our friendship. I knelt beside her chair and read every word with clarity and strength of heart. She deserved that. I think you might be able to tell that I am talking about a strong, determined woman, who is quite independent. Lil is quite proper, is about 5 feet tall, and very petite...she is a doll. Lil is also 89 years old. Quite a gal my friend is, and I will miss her.
Lil's "personal deacon" came to visit. As we sat chatting, Lil reached for the card and letter I brought her, and asked her Claudia to read it to her. With tears Claudia made it through the letter and, Lil had an idea, and it was then she asked her friend if I should read my letter at her memorial service. Lil then said to me, "But honey, could you please speak loudly when you read?" We laughed because for some reason she thought I was a very quiet person, like she is...small but mighty :) And so, with strength of heart and much love, I will read my letter to my friend when she goes. It's nice because she knows that I honor her in life, and most graciously I will do so in death.
Peace & love, Cynthia

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Me. said...

Wow, you are strong and thoughtful. Admiration for ya Momma. Love ya, Kate