Monday, September 8, 2008

Mom's Day To Rise

Mom did die. August 2, 2008. She left us as quietly and peacefully as she had lived with us. Marcia and I by her side early this Saturday morning. There are no words~ My heart breaks for myself, for every single person I love, and for every single person that loved my Mom. There are many. My father lost the love of his life, My children have lost their "Mere", Scottie has lost his "Mere", and my Mom is gone, forever from our sight.

While in Colorado a few nights before Scottie and I headed home I wrote a poem~it just slipped out, late one moonlit night, the 10 Mile Creek gently rambling past my window~ it must have been a time for moving.. home.. mom.. love & letting go~

Dearest Mom,

The Lord has prepared a room for you
It has no doors and has no walls. No chairs, no beds, no bars
Your room is free of all constraints, all things that hold you down
Your room is ready when you must, when your body knows it's time
I won't hold on or hold you back, but gently let you go
For in your room you will be free to skip and run and play
Free to come and go
The Lord has prepared a room for you Mom, it's ready when you go.
And she did...

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